In Preschool we will be finishing our Study of the Alphabet and God’s Word. Each week we take our lessons and try to practically and age appropriately learn how God was us to act or what He is teaching us through His word! Its such a joy to bring these lessons to life for these amazing little kids!

If you have any questions contact Brittany.

What we’re learning!

April 7th: Intro to Easter lessons and Palm Sunday.

April 14th: Why did Jesus have to die?

April 21st: HE IS RISEN!!

April 28th: Y is for Yoke and how it helps distribute a heavy burden.

May 5th: Z is for Zacchaeus.

May 12: We will be talking about our mom’s and how God gave us a family to love.

May 19th: God made each of us special.

May 26th: The golden rule and how God wants us to treat others.

Look forward to a fun-filled summer learning about The Armor of God.